Customer Devoted integrate the latest discoveries in behavioural science within customer loyalty programmes, enabling organisations to unlock total customer value and enjoy long term, emotionally engaged customer relationships.


Nurturing customer retention


Customer retention defines long term profitability yet most companies focus singularly on acquisition marketing which is ten times more expensive.


A customer acquisition led strategy requires continual funding to retain market share and creates business dependency on a few media suppliers. Not nurturing existing customers results in customer lifetime value never being fully realised and an increase in customer churn levels.

Our team work closely with businesses wanting to nurture existing customers with customer retention programmes that maximise customer lifetime value, advocacy and referrals. Our customer retention programmes leverage behavioural insights to cultivate emotional connection and deliver incentives that make the business indispensable to the customer.

Customer retention framework

Customer analysis
Analyzing data on computer
Customer personas & phsychographics 
Customer segmentation
Customer lifetime value modelling
Retention programme design
Man in suit holding engagement ring
Retention econometrics and KPIS
Retention incentives planning
Segmented content and communications
Retention programme launch
Customer Acquisition and Retention Concept
Programme measurement framework
Customer loyalty and CRM programme
Customer advocacy and referral strategy


Typical projects include


Referral and advocacy strategy

Planning and launching a campaign that incentivises customers to refer and advocate on behalf of the brand on social media in exchange for a highly prized reward.

CRM programme design and deploy

Segmenting customers, outlining CRM programmes and conditions for automated messages. Producing and configuring CRM scripts, cleansing and uploading customer data, integrating third party systems and launching the programme.

Customer loyalty programme

Segmenting customers, producing the loyalty rewards strategy, defining the loyalty on-boarding journey and implementing the loyalty rewards technology to enable rewards redemption.


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