“The team assisted Hawes & Curtis with our digital & e commerce strategy. During our time working with the team at Customer Devoted we were delighted with the professional can do attitude and would recommend working with them.”

Global CRM & Loyalty Manager, Hawes & Curtis




Insight fuelled customer experiences


The customer experience shapes brand perception but many brands are not meeting expectations, with experiences that neither delight nor drive brand preference.


Working with a patchwork of disconnected systems can create a fragmented customer experience which slows down operations, decreases profit and can leave customers unsatisfied. This fragmented experience can result in an increase in customer churn and a decrease in brand advocacy.

The most profitable brands are those with fully integrated systems that streamline operations and deliver delightful customer experiences. Leading brands fuse behavioural insight into the customer experience to increase emotional connection, brand preference and brand advocacy. Our team craft integrated customer experiences that create emotional connection. 

Customer experience framework

Customer experience vision
Business process mapping & KPIs
Customer personas and psychographics
Design Engineering
Empathy & persuasion mapping
Customer experience blueprint
Customer communications planning
Continual optimisation
bus engine
Customer experience deployment
CX analytics & customer feedback loop
CX & NPS optimisation framework


Typical projects include


Experience audit and optimisation

Mapping the existing customer experience to identify ‘experience gaps’ and misaligned processes. Planning and implementing a set of optimisations that streamline the customer experience.

Experience channel integration

Defining the operating model, processes and communications framework to integrate an additional customer service channel with behavioural insight to drive channel effectiveness.

Experience comms optimisation

Developing a customer communications blueprint that defines what, who, when, where and how a piece of customer communications is issued. Reviewing existing communications and optimising those communications with the use of behavioural insight to boost their effectiveness.


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