If you are going to spend your time marketing, why wouldn’t you want to do it more cost efficiently and become the brand of choice?

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Every year, our marketing accelerator programme gives 12 business owners the tailored  support they need, to transform their business by:

Developing powerfully persuasive marketing messages that win customers, effortlessly.
Reverse engineering the competition’s marketing success, to prevent costly marketing mistakes.
Differentiating the brand and sharpening product-market-fit, to stand out and drive growth.
Developing an automated marketing system that acquires customers, at scale.

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Hi there! James Sandberg from Customer Devoted here.


I’m really happy that you’re here right now… because it means you have been checking out my website, have read my strategy snacks on Linkedin or perhaps you have attended one of my public speaking sessions… and you’re finally ready to put an end to your broken, disjointed marketing and transform your brand from “just another option” to one that stands out, attracts and retains customers for the long term.


That’s what becoming Customer Devoted can do for you… and if you thoroughly implement the accelerator programme into your business, I can personally guarantee a remarkable improvement in marketing performance in just a few short weeks.


This executive program is designed to give you absolutely everything you need to plan, create and launch the perfect brand that attracts and converts the exact customers you want. 
In just a moment, I’ll tell you more about it.




I worked with James for almost 2.5 years while I handled Smirnoff at Diageo. James essentially helped set up our entire digital marketing effort. The results speak for themselves. In that time Smirnoff reached over half a million fans on facebook and had a million visitors to our website. James has an abiding passion and interest in the digital world and therefore gets really deep in terms of detail and focus. James is indefatigable and diligent. He pushed us as a team and it paid off. I truly applaud him for this and for showing me perspectives that I would otherwise have missed.

Nakul Pathak, Commercial Director, Diageo



But who exactly is the accelerator for?

The accelerator is designed for senior marketers, CEOs and founders of businesses working in highly competitive industries, with an appetite for growth. 
If you are still not sure, below outlines who will get the most from this accelerator programme.. and who should not explore it further. I’d rather not take up your time if this isn’t going to be a good fit.

The Customer Devoted Accelerator program is an excellent fit for you if:


  • You are committed– you are single-mindedly focused on accelerating your marketing performance, growing your business and brand.


  • You are digitally driven– you are selling directly or acquiring your leads online and want to accelerate your brand’s online success.


  • You are serious about marketing – you are already marketing or are about to start marketing your business and have assigned a budget and have targets in mind.


  • You are ready for transformation – your existing marketing is not giving you the results you need and you are ready for a new approach that accelerates your marketing performance.

The Customer Devoted Accelerator program is NOT for you if:


  • You are just starting out – or are not seeing consistent monthly revenue.


  • You are merely interested in learning – this accelerator is action orientated and progress is dependent on implementation to get the results.


  • You run a small business and you do not want to develop it – you are happy with a small company that you can run alone from home and don’t have ambition to grow it. 


  • You don’t have any direct or indirect competition – if you are the only company globally providing your service and therefore do not need marketing to drive growth.


And how does it work?

The program consists of 6 phases.
During each phase, there are a series of workshops and tailored analysis which are conducted, which enables us to build a robust, evidence based strategy that accelerates your brand and marketing performance.
Each phase hones in on a specific area of your business to help you strengthen your marketing and create a more persuasive brand, fast:

Phase 1: Reverse engineer the competition’s marketing success

During the first phase, we will thoroughly analyse the competitor’s brand positioning and online marketing activities. We identify what’s working for them, where their strategy is lacking and how we can differentiate your brand. This phase alone will empower you to replicate the competition’s marketing success, know the marketing opportunities that have been overlooked by the competitors and save you from doing marketing activities that won’t deliver results.


Phase 2: Understand what motivates your customers to buy

During this phase, we develop deep insights around your target customer to understand what motivates and persuades them to buy your product. Using robust research methodologies and insight sources, we establish emergent trends and the customer’s attitude, outlook, issues, needs, desires and aspirations. This enables us to know how to market to them more persuasively, in their language – rather than being just another player trying to sell to them.


Phase 3: Differentiate yourself to become the brand of choice

In phase 3, we delve into the insights we have formed in phase 1 and 2 and sharpen your customer value proposition in order to more compellingly communicate the problem your business solves and the gains that your business creates in your target customer’s lives. We also define core elements of the brand including tone of voice, vision, mission, purpose and aesthetic. This allows you to communicate your brand more consistently, persuasively and distinctly from the competition.


Phase 4: Develop your powerfully persuasive marketing messages

During phase four we plan your marketing content, develop your key marketing messages and define the hierarchy of what is said to your target prospects in all marketing activities that you do. We also outline the key marketing channels and define the roles that those marketing channels will have in your marketing mix. Lastly, we develop the strategy and select the technology we will use to build your marketing funnel in order to automate as much of your marketing as possible.


Phase 5: Plan and launch your digital strategy

Phase 5 is where we focus on bringing your strategy to life and prepare to launch your marketing programme. We review all of our proven techniques and best practice opportunities to succeed across social media, search, email marketing, mobile, affiliates and on your website. We then outline a detailed digital strategy which breaks down the content, channels, technology and targeting into simple steps, ready to launch.


Phase 6: Integrate analytics to optimise marketing performance

During the final phase, we outline the key marketing metrics that you need to measure, in order for you to reach your sales goals. We recommend, implement and configure the marketing analytics tools for you to measure the marketing programme’s effectiveness and build a schedule for you to test and optimise different messages in the marketing programme – so the programme’s performance will go from strength to strength.


What if I need help launching my

brand and digital strategy?

We have a team of senior professionals in creative, technology, copywriting and analytics who can get the job done for you if required. Regardless of whether you implement the strategy yourself or you ask for our support, the programme will give you everything you need to accelerate your marketing performance and build a more persuasive brand that sells.


Just ask these clients…

  • Bleep Bleeps

    James was instrumental in outlining, building and delivering our digital strategy. Aside from being immensely talented and knowledgeable in the area of growth marketing, marketing automation and all things digital, I also count him as a friend. Something most agency partners don't pull off.

    Bleep Bleeps
    Tom Evans
  • Showslice

    James is providing us with invaluable support with marketing strategy and being an enormous help in making us more visible and drive sales to our core audience. He's a great guy to work with and we can't recommend him enough to tech startups or any business for that matter - It's straightforward with James, he's a guru in tech, marketing and customers. All I can say is get him on your team now!

    Damien Oraki
  • 1883 Magazine

    James is highly knowledgeable in digital strategy and business development. James has been working with 1883 Media to redevelop it's online site, increase online hits and monetise the website. He has also been training up our staff so that we can become self sufficient in all the area's he has been working with us on. This is already providing great results.

    1883 Magazine
    Alicia Irvine-MacDougall
    1883 Magazine
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Sounds great so how do we get started?

We have an initial complementary strategy session to see if it’s a good fit. During this session, we’ll explore your current goals, challenges and the existing set of marketing activities that you are focused on.
We’ll also try to identify any blockers that are holding you back and some initial recommendations will be made.



After our 30 minute complementary strategy session, you’ll also receive a free technical website audit and a 30 page SEO report covering over 100 metrics – so you’ll know exactly how to improve your website’s  performance on Google, immediately after the call.  

Isn’t it worth skipping yet another one of those unproductive internal meetings to see if the Customer Devoted Accelerator can get you better results from your marketing and build a more persuasive brand that drives your business forward?

Yes! let's book a call and have an initial free strategy session

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