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Tom Evans – CEO, BleepBleeps

Accelerating performance with data-driven, insight-fuelled customer journeys

We optimise marketing return on investment with robust conversion rate optimisation techniques, personalised web experiences and marketing automation. 

We completely reverse engineer the competition’s marketing strategy to be better informed of what works. 

We elevate the performance of marketing programmes with customer insight and scientifically proven neuromarketing techniques.

The Problem

Many brands suffer from low performing marketing programmes that don’t engage customers emotionally. Studies have shown that customers are more influenced by emotion than logic when buying. Campaign messages that are built on gut instinct rather than consumer insight often deliver unsustainable marketing ROI.

The Solution

Top performing customer journeys are emotionally engaging and are highly focused on overcoming objections and accommodating needs. This can only be achieved when messages are based on robust consumer insight and scientifically proven persuasion techniques from the field of Neuromarketing.

Our approach enables businesses to

  • Develop actionable insights to build more persuasive sales journeys and effective advertising messages
  • Accelerate conversion rates with the use of scientifically proven neuromarketing techniques
  • Diagnose and optimise under-performing marketing channels, assets and customer journeys
  • Test, measure and optimise marketing return on investment, real-time, using data and analytics
  • Build automated marketing funnels that acquire customers, at scale

Our key principles

  • Marketing messages are the single biggest factor in determining marketing performance.

  • Customers buy emotionally. Brands that sell emotionally have a significant competitive advantage.

  • Marketing ROI will plateau unless brands test and optimise messages, offers and journeys.

  • Data only helps when it enables business decisions and marketing optimisation.

Our seven step marketing optimisation programme

1. Customer & Competitor Insight

Understand the target customer and why they buy
Using robust research methodologies to establish emergent trends and mapping the customer’s attitude, outlook, needs and desires. Reverse engineering the competition’s marketing tactics, channels, content and performance to identify opportunities to optimise marketing performance. Identifying proven neuromarketing techniques to be used in the sales journey. 

2. Sales Journey

Develop and launch the optimal sales journey 
Using customer insight, competitor intelligence and neuromarketing techniques to design and build a sales journey that are primed for performance. 

3. Advertising

Develop a set of persuasive advertising messages that resonate and engage customers
Producing the advertising with messages and creative based on customer insight and neuromarketing techniques.

4. Channel optimisation

Diagnose and optimise the performance of existing marketing channels
Analysing and optimising the content, strategy and operations of all existing marketing channels to maximise performance of social media, search, website and email marketing. 

5. Marketing funnel

Build an automated marketing funnel
Producing the promotional offer, copy and designs for the funnel. Integrating the tech systems to launch a high performance, fully automated marketing funnel. 

6. Data & Measurement

Set targets and configure analytics for conversion optimisation
Defining performance metrics and conversion targets. Implementing marketing analytics and building a real-time data dashboard for businesses to track and optimise conversion rates.

7. Conversion optimisation

Launch the conversion rate optimisation programme
Building a message testing framework and testing messages across all marketing channels and customer engagement points to drive ongoing optimisation of conversion rates.

Who we work with

  • Marketing teams who have reached a plateau in their marketing performance that want to overcome sluggish growth.

  • CEOs with a marketing programme that is not hitting targets that need to optimise budget and marketing mix to improve results.

  • Brands that have recently launched with underwhelming results and need to rapidly course correct. 

  • Marketing channel managers looking to drive more out of their existing marketing assets.


Examples of our work

  • Produced an automated multi-channel marketing funnel for a consumer electronics brand that leveraged customer insight to drive significant improvement in conversions.
  • Built a media performance econometric model for a consumer bank that was based on extensive benchmark performance data. The model was the single resource used to plan the budget and media mix for the successful launch of a new consumer savings product.
  • Developed a market entry launch strategy for a consumer automotive brand with significant brand legacy issues and a price point that was double the nearest competitor. Test drive booking targets (the key performance metric) were greatly exceeded.
  • Developed a multi-market launch strategy for a consumer finance brand by developing a set of robust consumer insights that led to the development of the creative for the brand’s inaugural marketing launch across five markets.

Getting Started

An initial complementary conversion rate benchmark analysis is produced to identify quick wins and opportunities to immediately improve conversion rates. During this initial review, those quick wins are prioritised and the longer term course of action is explored.

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