Be Beautiful – Unilever’s Beauty Portal

Unilever has a plethora of female beauty products ranging from makeup to shampoos. With so much to offer, Unilever needed a platform to showcase it’s product portfolio to drive cross-sales and educate their female customers on the products that would help them with their beauty regimes.

The target demographic needed guidance on the best product that suited their individual needs. Rather than building a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, a personalised beauty platform was built with content that was tailored to the individual, based upon their answers to questions relating to their hair, skin and style preferences.

The content rich platform includes videos, how-to guides, offers and promotions as well as lifestyle content.

100,000 registrations were received for the platform which helped deepen Unilever’s relationship with their female customers and learn how to better market to them for the long term.

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