Once Upon A Vespa

Vespa wanted to launch their scooter brand into the competitive and crowded Indian market.

The key challenge was to capture market share from established brands that were at a significantly lower price point than Vespa’s. Vespa needed a key differentiator to gain a foothold in the market and to justify it’s higher price point.

Vespa’s Italian styling and rich heritage were both elements that were of huge appeal to the young urban fashionistas of India who were the tastemakers for the nation.

An interactive digital campaign was crafted that gamified the story of the brand’s heritage using a series of puzzles and games that needed to be solved for the chance to win a Vespa scooter and a trip to Italy.

The Results: 75,000 website visitors, 23,000 competition registrations, 212,000 Facebook likes, 50,000 test drive bookings for the Vespa.

Awarded with an International Echo for the best use of digital in a direct marketing campaign. Awarded with a commendation from Favorite Website Awards.

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