Hitachi Capital asked us to analyse the online landscape and build a digital strategy that would drive the brand’s visibility online.
Following a series of audits, research and workshops, we developed a targeted social media, SEO and content strategy that paved the way for success. Today our strategy is being driven by the senior leadership team of Hitachi Capital. Having been trained by us they are now working in collaboration with press, social media and online influencers.
Customer Success In 60 Minutes
Our customer diagnosis tool will help you identify the lowest cost, highest impact action that you can take to achieve your customer focused business objective, in 60 minutes. Because we have worked across all marketing and communications disciplines in world leading agencies, we are unbiased and uniquely positioned to take a discipline agnostic approach to achieving customer success. We evaluate all possible routes to achieving customer success – digital marketing, data, strategy, tech, customer loyalty, PR, advertising and media planning.
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