Customer Devoted is a customer success consultancy which transforms organisations into customer devoted growth engines.

Business Challenges We Love

Marketing needs a new paradigm. One where businesses partner with their customers and prospects in a long-term value exchange. To survive the next wave of disruption, organisations need to move beyond marketing operations to become Customer Devoted.

We embrace the challenges of and deliver transformational change to the businesses we work with. We unearth actionable insights, develop robust strategies and introduce effective technologies that accelerate commercial performance.

We deliver customer acquisition, insight, retention and loyalty.

We turn browsers into buyers and transform customers into devoted advocates.


Successfully Launch Your New Product

Overcome A Dominant Competitor

Expand Your Overall Market Share

Enhance Your Customer Satisfaction

Maximise Customer Retention

Maximise Customer Profitability


Customer Strategy

In a world filled with marketing clutter, persuading browsers to become buyers is harder. Sophisticated targeting, social marketing, PPC andSEO is not a guaranteed formula. When every brand is doing the same, standout success comes from doing things differently. We develop disruptive customer acquisition programmes that win.

Market Positioning
Building a disruptive position in the market that wins customer’s hearts and minds, beating the competition. 

Producing content that is meaningful, relevant and valued by customers, to establish a thought leadership position and reinforce customer loyalty.

Customer Insight
Researching, analysing and surveying customers, to unearth opportunities to exceed their expectations.

Building a long term ROI focused marketing strategy that attracts more customers and drives growth.

Customer Propositions
Developing insight-led customer value propositions that are market leading and indespensible to the customer.

Customer Experience

A delightful experience makes customers repeat their purchase and recommend brands to their friends. Remarkable experiences can take the customer beyond the product and enables brands to be truly different, becoming the brand leader in their industry. We fuse creativity, customer insight, neuromarketing and technology to build delightful customer experiences.

Customer Experiences
Building a delightful customer experience across all customer engagement channels, that turns customers into loyal advocates.

Customer Journeys
Turning browsers into buyers by optimising the commercial performance of the customer journey.

Retaining a competitive edge by developing disruptive product, marketing and customer innovations.

Reinforced Credibility
Reinforcing market credibility with endorsements, testimonials and social proof that affirms a potential customer’s choice to purchase.

Customer Collaboration
Launching collaborative initiatives with customers to develop products that better meet their needs and reinforces their loyalty.

Customer Loyalty

It is 10 times cheaper to keep a customer loyal than it is to acquire a new one. Nurturing relationships and cultivating customer loyalty unlocks the full commercial value of customers for the long term. We bring together technology, data and creativity to build commercial customer loyalty programmes that unlock the full value of customers.

Customer Relationships
Tailored communications programmes that nurture each customer relationship to maximise customer retention.

Customer Benefits
Developing a programme of additional benefits for loyal customers, to maximise customer retention.

Customer Advocacy
Developing a programme that rewards loyal customers for advocating a product, to drive additional sales.

Customer Profit
Maximising customer lifetime value with personalised offers, promotions and dynamic pricing strategies.

Rewarding Loyal Customers
Developing a programme which rewards loyal customers and reinforces loyal behaviour, to maximise customer retention.

We Deliver Digital Solutions

Digital Production

Digital Production

We partner with clients across the project lifecycle from strategy, through to final deployment of websites, games, apps, and interactive advertising solutions. Managed by professional project managers and developed by experienced coders ensures that project costs are kept low and delivery is on time.
Digital Businesses

Digital Businesses

We build digital businesses from conception through to business launch. From e-commerce market places to full digital service solutions, we are able to deliver full solutions end-to-end on a full stack basis. We architect data flows, build database architecture, connect APIS, build MVPS, design UI/UX, and fully bug test all solutions before we deploy.
Digital Innovations

Digital Innovations

Our team have developed digital innovations for 20 years for companies like Diageo, Nestle, Rolls Royce and Adidas. We have built innovations using Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Chatbots, data driven personalised digital experiences, xbox-kinekt experiences, bluetooth and RFID. If you can think of it, we can build it.

Founding Team

James Sandberg – Chief Customer Devotee

With 14 years experience, James has won awards for his customer centric digital strategies in India, the US, UK and at the Asia Pacific regional level. As the ex-managing director of customer engagement agency Ogilvy One in Mumbai and the European strategy director for customer loyalty agency ICLP, James has led customer strategies for the biggest brands in the world. James has developed customer loyalty strategies for Mars, Hackett and hotel Group Carlson Hotels, run performance marketing programmes for ING Direct, Finspreads and CoInvestor, developed and launched products for Vespa, MasterCard and Caterpillar into new markets, delivered influencer marketing campaigns for Hitachi, Dove and TED, developed video content for Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker and Unilever and has developed numerous mobile apps, digital strategies, customer marketing initiatives, websites and social media campaigns. James has also worked closely with tech startups such as CoInvestor, Showslice and others to develop their digital business strategy.

Previous Lives. Previous Projects.

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We partner with bold and ambitious CEOs and CMOS with an agenda of growth and an appetite for disruption who are hungry to establish themselves as the market leader. We exist to deliver long term, sustainable growth and to maximise customer profitability for companies, ranging from FTSE 100 corporates to early stage businesses needing to scale up. Operating as an extension of the team, we play the role of…

Collaborators, facilitators, curious interrogators, insight developers, customer marketing champions, digital strategists, behavioural economists and econometrists.

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